QuoteJob helps trades to quote without an in-person visit

QuoteJob is an online form system that guides the customer to provide site and job details so trades can easily quote without travelling for in-person appointments.

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Save time and money

Stop visiting customers to quote

How much time and money could you save if you didn't have to visit every customer before you quote a job?

Wouldn't it be easier to gather the info from your customer, including photos or a video?

Wouldn't it be easier for your customer to not have to wait for you to visit?

QuoteJob helps you request the info you need in a standardised way. Here's how:

Step 1

Send the customer your QuoteJob form or add the link to your website.

Step 2

Your customer fills in your QuoteJob form with all the required details & photos.

Step 3

You can quote or give an estimate without spending time visiting the customer.

QuoteJob can be used for most trades

If your trade business needs to know certain standard information before quoting then let QuoteJob help you gather that info from the customer including photos/video.

Get the customer to provide all the necessary info to allow you to quote remotely

Stop wasting time and money visiting your customers before you know they are ready to spend

Stop making your customer take time off to wait in for your visit

Use the info to decide which jobs deserve your time for a site visit

Give estimates quickly without running yourself ragged

Filter out time-wasters

Stop losing customers because you are too busy to visit

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QuoteJob helps your business be more profitable

Whatever your trade, if you are currently spending too much time travelling to quote for jobs, QuoteJob can change that.

An App Built For Your Business

Whatever info you need from the customer before you quote, we can build the online form to gather that specific info. All the form data will be sent to your email so you can quote/estimate quickly.

Quote Quickly Even When You Are Busy

Don't let jobs go cold while you try to find the time to fit in a site visit before you can quote. Send your Quotejob link and let the customer do the inital leg work, before they contact a competitor.

Who is this good for?


Get the photos and spec in advance of a detailed site visit. Eliminate time-wasters.

EV Charging Installers

Quickly turnaround quotes ahead of your competition by getting all the details remotely.


Get details remotely for any electrical job and spend time focusing on the best jobs.


Gather the photos and details of the rooms, ceilings or walls that require plastering.

Solar Panel Installers

Get an idea of the property and electrical system ahead of getting on the roof.

Painter & Decorators

Gather all the necessary details and photos from the customer without visiting so you can quickly quote/estimate.


Scope out a landscaping or excavation job remotely via photos and online form details.


Understand in more detail just what you will be picking up and quote more accurately.

Check out what our customers say

"I can't believe how much time and effort QuoteJob has saved me! Before using this service, I had to visit every potential customer's location to gather site details for accurate quotes. It was exhausting and often led to wasted hours. But now, with QuoteJob's online form system, my customers provide all the necessary information, including photos and videos, from the comfort of their homes. I can quickly respond with accurate quotes without stepping out of my office. It's a game-changer for my electrical business, and I highly recommend it to fellow tradespeople!"

Electrician, Southport

"QuoteJob has revolutionized how I handle quoting for my carpet cleaning business. I used to spend hours traveling to customers' homes just to assess the job and provide estimates. With QuoteJob's online form system, my customers now provide job information inlcuding photos, with a few clicks. I can access everything I need to quote remotely. Not only has it saved me time and fuel, but it also impresses my customers with quick responses. If you want to boost your efficiency and stay ahead in your trade, QuoteJob is the answer!"

Carpet Cleaner, Irvine

"I wish I had discovered QuoteJob sooner! As a busy handyman, time is money, and QuoteJob has become an invaluable tool for my business. Now, I don't have to waste precious hours driving to customers' locations to view a potential job. Instead, I QuoteJob guides my customers through the easy-to-use online form, and they provide all the site and job details I need. The best part? I can respond with accurate quotes in no time, and I've noticed a significant increase in customer satisfaction. QuoteJob has transformed my business, and I can't recommend it enough to my fellow tradespeople!"

Handyman, Dartford


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